How To Find Window Cleaners in Oceanside, California

by Oceanside Window Cleaning on October 19, 2011

Window Cleaning may seem like an simple job to do…

Just get a bucket, a rag, a little windex, and a squeegee and you are in business.

But did you know the top window cleaners use very specific products that create a clean window.

It is not just any cloth but surgical clothes to keep down the lint on the windows.

The window cleaning solution that the top guys use can cost more than the gas you put in your engine a gallon.

They only use the top equipment and supplies to do your job so it is done right the first time.

Top Window Cleaners understand that your satisfaction is their number one concern. Otherwise you will not call them back in the future and they will never grow their business.

Our Window Cleaners are also neat freaks!

Seriously, if you decide you want to be a professional cleaner odds are you pay attention to detail.

The fly by night guys will leave puddles on your sills and spill solution on your carpets. All they care about is getting your cash and are gone.

The true professionals that we employ bring extra towels to lay down under every window they clean. They make sure your sills and tracks are spotless. We insist and they are passionate about doing a great job.

And they do it because they are selfish. They WANT you to tell your neighbors what a great job Oceanside Window Cleaning did. They want the accolades and the call backs to do the job the next time. We all want that result.

We are so passionate about you being satisfied that we even offer an industry leading 7 Day Rain Guarantee! If your windows get dirty due to a rain storm within 7 days of us doing our service we will fix those windows that need a touch up.

So when you are choosing a window washer in Oceanside you have a choice. The discount fly by night guy or a true professional.

Sure we may charge a little more as Oceanside Window Cleaning only hires true professionals using the best equipment and supplies.

However, the results are worth every penny!

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